MRL-8 Data Logger

WEATHERPROOF DATA LOGGER WITH INTEGRATED DATA TRANSMISSION Collecting, processing, storing and transmitting of monitoring data - easy, convenient and quick. The MRL-8 is a battery run data, modem supported logger with splash-proof housing, USB data read-out…  Read more


MRL-8 with 4G modem
MRL-8E with 4G modem and Ethernet connection
MRL-8B MRL-8B with 4G modem and internal 5Ah battery
MRL-8IE with input extension in the same housing


Dimensions MRL-8: 180 x 150 x 60 mm |
MRL-8E MRL-8IE : 180 x 150 x 100 mm (W x H x D) |
MRL-8B : 180 x 150 x 160 mm (W x H x D)
Housing aluminium box, powder coated
Protection IP 67
Power supply internal battery (MRL-8B): gel battery, 12 V 5 Ah
external battery: max 12 V / 80 Ah
external power supply: 6 ... 30 V DC
integrated solar charge controller for solar panel with max 50 W / 12 V
Sensor supply 5 /100 mA or 12 V / 200 mA
Reference voltage 2.5 V for potentiometer (max. 4 mA)
Display LCD unit with digital contrast setting, 2 x 16 characters;
LED background illumination with splash water proof cover and extended temperature range
Keypad 5 keys for reading current measurement values and observer confirmations/inputs
Number of channels up to 99
Memory (internal) 4 MB failure-resistant flash memory (equivalent to approx. 500,000 measurement values)
Operating temperature -35 °C ... +60 °C (storage temperature: -35 °C ... +60 °C)
Installation easy installation; attaching to walls without extra housing
Functions date values, intensity, maximum, aggregate values, mean values etc.
Deep discharge protection for logger and for MRL-7 supplied sensors


Inputs 4 x analogue 0 ... 2.5 V (thereof 1 x PT-100 4-wire connection, 1 x NTC, 1 x 0 ... 0.3 V)
2 x counters (thereof 1 x impulse,
1 x shaft encoder up and down)
1 x frequency input for wind speed and wind gust
1 x potentiometer input for wind direction (replaces 1 x counter)
Digital sensor interfaces 1 x RS 485 (SOMMER-Bus / ASCII protocols), 1 x RS-485 for web cam, 1 x SDI-12 interface
User Interface 1 x communication interface: RS-232: transfer rete 9.6 to 115 kBd, 1 x USB host (only for data readout of data on USB flash drive), 1 x Bluetooth
Output (digital resp. analogue) 4 x outputs (thereof 3 x switching outputs for alarm management)
Inputs can be extended with an MRL-IE


Modem integrated remote data transmission with 2G, 4G modem
Ethernet integrated ethernet data transmission, in data push
Satellite integrated remote data transmission with INMARSAT modem with omnidirectional antenna
Target server up to three target servers (http / ftp /Ftps / https) simultaneously
Further characteristics Independent transmission intervals possible
IP call activation for remote servicing (permanent or limited over time); fixed IP and dynamic IP
Time synchronisation via NTP (Network Time Protocol)


Collecting, processing, storing and transmitting of monitoring data - easy, convenient and quick. The MRL-8 is a battery run data, modem supported logger with splash-proof housing, USB data read-out functions and integrated solar charge controller. The very energy efficient operating mode as well as a weatherproof box qualifies the MRL-8 for data applications in remote areas far from any infrastructure.

  • Weatherproof logger with integrated remote data transmission using 2G / 4G modem 
  • Reliable and energy-saving: optimised to collect environmental monitoring data in remote areas without any infrastructure
  • Logger can be operated fully independently (with batteries or solar module), integrated solar charge controller, protection IP 67
  • Ideal integration and compatibility with complete SOMMER sensor family as well as popular sensor technology products
  • Backlit display for easy data reading and logger parameterisation
  • Parameterisation via RS-232, Bluetooth, USB, Ethernet*
  • Data readout with USB memory stick or Bluetooth-interface or USB or RS-232
  • Minimum energy demand; integrated solar charge controller
  • Solid, compact, and weatherproof aluminium box (powder coated)
  • Remote data transmission using 2G / 4G modem, Ethernet*, USB-Stick, Satellite (INMARSAT)

 *... on specific versions

Similar to the "smaller" MRL-6, also the MRL-8 is used for applications in environmental monitoring, where low maintenance and a very energy saving operation is needed as for example at sites with no landline power network or where no additional switch cabinet shall be installed. The MRL-8 provides comfortable data transmission through its integrated modem. For this reason all-in-one solutions (sensor, data collection and transmission) can be realised very easily. In addition, remote access as well as wireless data read out and storing are possible.