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We manufacture, sell and install a wide range of quality instrumentation, water and weather sensors, data loggers and IoT technology. With over 60 years in this field, our products are designed with quality, accuracy and robustness in mind – so you can spend less time worrying about gathering data and more time working on solving the problem.

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Disruptive innovation by KISTERS in one small radar sensor.

Discover how the new range of HyQuant radar level and velocity sensors offer a unique way to get more insight without changing or adding equipment.


HailSens360 delivers extensive hailstorm forecasts and nowcast data to mitigate hail damage. In addition, real-time measurements of hailstones – their size, velocity and distribution along with in-depth post-event analytical tools help you assess damages and expedite claims.

Tipping Bucket Rain Gauges

Measure precipitation with high accuracy across a broad range of rainfall intensities. Innovative design ensures long-term, accurate and repeatable results. Manufactured with the highest quality durable materials ensuring long term stability in the harshest environments.

RQ-30a Non-Contact Discharge Radar Sensor

The RQ-30 is a sensor for continuous discharge measurement of rivers, open channels and canals with known cross-section profile. Advanced noncontact radar technology measures velocity, level and discharge with high accuracy.

WeatherSens MP - Compact Weather Sensors

Compact, all-in-one weather sensors designed for robust and maintenance free measurements in hydrology, meteorology and weather-critical applications.

CFX Cable Fox

The Cable Fox Model (CFX) is KISTERS latest towing system for manual measurement of streamflow with an ADCP or surface velocity radar device. The electric motorized carriage can be easily installed on new or existing cableways.