All-in-one early warning hail monitoring system designed to better protect assets.

Decision support for optimal hail mitigation

HailSens360 integrates for the first time, extensive forecast and nowcast data, real-time observation of hailstone measurement (size, velocity and distribution) along with in-depth post event analysis. All this, in one streamlined, intuitive cloud solution providing unparalleled decision support for optimal hail mitigation, before, during and after the storm.

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HailSens360 - before, during and after the storm

  • Before the storm:
    Forecast data 18 hours ahead
    Solar O&M teams receive alarms based on precise trigger points via weather data from multiple sources integrating relevant parameters based on HRRR model noting conditions favorable for the development of a potentially severe hail event.
  • Getting closer:
    Nowcast data
    60-90 minutes ahead of potential impact: Nowcast data based on VIL density, proper nowcast algorithms and strong hail size/VIL density correlation are received by the solar operator. Updated every 6 minutes the nowcast provides critical data insights to inform decisions regarding proper stow strategies for asset protection with minimum downtime
  • During the storm:
    HailSens precisely measures the size of each individual hailstone providing objective truth to what is falling from the sky and hitting solar assets at the time of impact. This level of detail and precision is key to the triggering of parametric thresholds and helps support rapid processing of insurance claims.
  • After the storm:
    Post event analysis
    View the entire complexion of the hail event that impacted your solar farm including size of individual hailstones, distribution, kinetic energy. multiple or single impact. Assess damage quickly (ncluding microcracks), ensure optimal energy output. Get back to full power.

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